Betty the Balm
Betty the Balm

Betty the Balm

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Suggested Ritual: 

This Organic Multi-use Feminine Balm can be used as

  • A healing perineum ointment
  • A wonderful massage butter
  • To soothe sore nursing mothers
  • A beautiful warming ritual to get your body, spirit and delicate folds ready for connecting 
  • To nourish postmenopausal dryness
  • When inserting tampons, feminine cups or anything else that needs to invite glide into a gentle opening


A little goes a long way. Rub over your chest, moving the lymph and through the milk ducts if needed down toward the nips gently.

Take just a finger tip and apply to your petals before contact.

Leave it out on your bedside table to let your partner know you’d like to connect.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa butter*, coconut creme*, evening primrose oil*, castor oil*, jojoba oil*, beeswax*, yarrow*, motherwort*, rose petals*, rose hips*, dong quai*, red clover*


Why We Chose These Ingredients:

This infusion is wonderfully healing for the womb. We used a blend of herbs that are revered for women's health and reproductive systems. So beyond connecting with a lover or yourself, this deeply nourishing balm can heal and improve the sacred space of your womb.

Cocoa Butter – Our certified-raw, organic cocoa butter make this ingredient as beneficial as it is delectable. Sweet, buttery cocoa infuses every fold with beneficial antioxidants and revitalizing energy.

Coconut Oil  – Nourishing, moisturizing coconut crème disappears into the skin until it’s completely absorbed. Revered for being emollient, an aphrodisiac, providing antioxidants, helps to rejuvenate skin, is antispasmodic, demulcent, laxative, tonic for the skin and muscles, sedative and nutritive. 

Castor Oil - Heals inflamed skin, deeply moisturizing and used traditionally to tighten and moisturize delicate skin. Revered by many birth and postpartum workers.

Evening Primrose Oil - A beautiful oil used commonly in birth to stretch the perineum. 

Jojoba Oil - Astoundingly similar to the body's own sebum, jojoba is easily absorbed by the skin, allowing vitamin-filled moisture to seep into the tissue’s deepest layers. There may be no other single ingredient more beneficial to our skin than pure, organic, Vitamin E-packed jojoba oil. 

Yarrow  Sometimes known as "The Women's Herb" as it is most renowned for its work in the reproductive and urinary systems. Helps to improve circulation and overall health in the womb. Relieves menstrual pain. Assists vaginal infections, discharge and spotting between cycles. In helping to improve circulation, this herb is beautiful for helping women heal after childbirth. 

Lady's Mantle “Lady’s mantle” is a good description, for it is chiefly a herb for women's health. It is anti-inflammatory and astringent, and has properties that are good for regulating menstruation, and hormonal cycles.

Rose Petals - Rose petals are known to enhance love, sexuality and desire.

Rose Hips - Rose hips when extracted in an oil helps to keep the skin elastic and nourished.

Dong Quai - Dong Quai is known to enhance sexual experience. Magically known to bring happiness to a home, and as an aphrodisiac for women.Traditional Chinese medicine reports that this herb works directly to stimulate desire, and helps to treat disorders that may be hampering the normal functioning of sex organs. 

Red Clover Red Clover is especially important for all women because this wondrous herb is most frequently studied for its ability to treat menopausal symptoms, and overall sexual health.

Marshmallow Root - Marshmallow Root has been extracted using water and oil for thousands of years to make a natural lubricant. The root is deeply nourishing for delicate skin. Magically the root is often used used for love and fertility spells or to enhance sex magick. 

Beeswax - Natures glue. When applied to the skinbeeswax forms a protective barrier that helps protect it from environmental assaults, while also holding in moisture and reducing dryness



:: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. No claims have been made or approved by the FDA. Please research all herbs and essential oils before using if pregnant or nursing. We suggest seeking professional medical advice if you feel necessary. ::