We create organic Intimate Wellness products for all humans.
Our goal is to invite conversation into the bedroom and into our communities.
We specialize in organic oil infusions and lubricated balms that help women to feel sensual, alive and thriving "down there and everywhere".



From our Founder:

I started Ritual Antidotes the first time I was curious and made a love balm after suffering a birth injury with my first child. This balm was life changing for me, and made me feel like a woman again nearly 4 years and two babies later.

Arousal and intimacy has never come easy to me, but in finding the release of shame, and freeing the conversation I was able to have with my husband because of the balm, my feminine awakening really began. For the first time I discovered intimate care as a sacred and needed form of self care.

I looked at my ingrown hairs on my bikini line much differently. I stopped fighting them and tried to find and then create products that would work with my body and not against an isolated problem. I fell in love with the ritual of taking care of my skin, and my whole body.

I fell in love with the antidotes I was creating, and they were simply good for my soul, connection to and awareness of my own body and with my partner.

This inspired me to ask questions of my peers and elders that continue to guide me. This community unlock, being able to ask real, meaningful questions. Hold space for others, and feel safe with others was one of the greatest gifts I have been able to unlock in life.

So, that’s why Ritual Antidotes exists, because I need it to.

My mission, is to bring safe, efficacious and organic products for unmentionable wellness and care that free up the conversation between partners, friends, inter-generationally. That’s it.

Really dope products, really dope conversations, community and events to fuel the one another.