Moon Phase: New Moon, Saturday May 4th 

During the new moon, our energy is naturally called inward. It is a time for stillness, to rest, to recharge and reflect on past days. Honor your inner introvert during this time. Feed yourself deeply nourishing foods, and don't push yourself physically unless you are really truly called to. A walk during this time is enough. We have been led to believe that intense workouts every single day are needed. I would argue the opposite is true. In a world where stress is rampant and sleep is compromised, the last thing our nervous systems' need are more stressors. There are days our body is called to move vigorously, and days it is called to rest, to be still and to simply breathe. During the first days of the New Moon, I challenge you to rest. Channel your energy into your thoughts. 

Many women bleed during the New Moon, and as a result all of you sex hormones will be at their lowest point during this entire cycle. If you are not having your moon time now or are menopausal, it is nonetheless a beautiful practice to honor the rhythms of the moon, and let the energy she provides to guide you. 

Daily Practice During the New Moon:

Step outside and take 8 deep and slow breaths.

Surrender to a Date with Yourself:

Sometime during this New Moon, take a trip to your favorite grocery store and shop for foods you know your body enjoys and can digest. No need to overthink what to eat and how much, I challenge you to let your intuition guide you. If that seems like a stretch, reach for real food, fresh fruits and vegetables, clean meat and maybe something fermented (whole milk yogurt, sauerkraut or my personal favorite beet kvass if you can find it). 

Nourishment Guidelines

  • No eating past 7pm (if you can avoid it)
The science behind these two rules are both simple and effective. First of all, your circadian rhythm rules everything, from your digestion to disposal of dead cells, and hormonal needs. If you eat late into the evening, your body cannot do the digestion and cellular cleanup it needs to when you are asleep.

  • Avoid all known and suspected food irritants 

The body wants to use whatever you eat. If it does not know what to do with a nutrient, it either stores it as fat, or recognizes it as an inflammatory irritant and attempts to attack it. So, if something bothers you when you eat it, avoid it during this entire moon cycle.
For many of us that means avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy and ALCOHOL. The choice is yours. These are simply guidelines to help you support the detoxification of your liver, and heal all of your bodily systems.